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From the Principal’s Desk
May 2024

Dear Friends and Family of Hwa Chong,


It has been my privilege to return to my alma mater, Hwa Chong, to contribute as her new Principal. During my tenure here, I look forward to forge stronger links with all stakeholders in building a future-ready and compassionate HCI and contribute to her continued growth and success. Here, I would like to share some of my thoughts about education.


It is important that we nurture not only Thought Leaders but also Thoughtful Leaders. Thoughtful Leaders prioritize the well-being of others and their communities. Their approach to leadership is characterized by a strong sense of care and support for their peers, as well as a commitment to helping and honouring those less privileged. This perspective is crucial in developing leaders who are not only intellectually capable, but also emotionally intelligent and compassionate.


Furthermore, I believe that establishing a Caring and Appreciative Culture is essential for fostering a positive and inclusive school environment. Such a culture stems from being others-centered in our thoughts, actions and words, driven by genuine sincerity. It is about creating a community where every individual feels valued and respected, promoting a sense of belonging and mutual respect, among students and staff alike.


Additionally, cultivating a Collaborative Culture that encourages complementing rather than competing with one another is vital for building trust and camaraderie. This approach shifts the focus from individual achievement to collective success, ensuring that every member of the community feels supported and integral to our shared goals.


Moreover, my vision includes developing a Professional and Participatory Culture, where the entire school community comes together to address challenges and work collaboratively towards solutions. By valuing diverse perspectives and fostering open dialogue, we can create an environment where everyone, including students, are empowered to create, connect and contribute. This culture not only promotes professional growth, but also ensures that all voices contribute to our collective decision-making process.


I would also like to take this opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2023. It has achieved an excellent performance at the A-Level Examinations. This cohort has demonstrated the importance of discovering peaks of excellence through locating their various passions. The Class of 2023 channelled their efforts to uplift others by taking on 128 Service Learning Projects and impacted close to 210 organizations and their beneficiaries. Demonstrating their commitment to excellence, this cohort sustained a median University Admission Score (UAS) of 88. One out of four had a perfect UAS of 90. Six out of 10 attained 3 H2 Distinctions and above. Our gratitude also goes out to all educators in our students’ primary and secondary school journeys, as well as parents and alumni who have always been the supportive pillars for our students. We want to specially acknowledge and thank all the staff of Nanyang Girls’ High School and HCI for their unwavering care and commitment. 


In March, the school marked its 105th Founders' Day, celebrating its rich heritage and commitment to making a difference to the community. A food donation drive was held to support families in need. In addition, High School students engaged in panel discussions with alumni, whereas College students shared the lessons learnt from VIA projects and heard from Mr Chew Sutat, chairman of Community Chest, about his journey in community work. The day culminated in an anniversary dinner, highlighting cultural preservation and honouring the institution's legacy, as the Guest of Honour, Mr Chee Hong Tat, Minister for Transport and Second Minister for Finance, addressed the guests.


Term 2 marks an exciting period for all, as our students compete in various sporting disciplines, exhibit the dynamism of school life through their aesthetic performances, and serve the community in their VIA endeavours. I wish all readers an enjoyable time reading about the multi-faceted Hwa Chong experience through our Insights articles.


Best regards,

Lee Peck Ping

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