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From the Principal’s Desk
September 2023

Dear Friends and Family of Hwa Chong,


This season, we celebrate our teachers and all who take on the role of caring for our students. Each issue of Insights captures the range of activities that encompass the Hwa Chong experience. We see our students in action and in action for others. None of these experiences could or would have been possible without the concerted leadership, care and inspiration from our teachers.

Our teachers lead with the belief that the growth potential is inherent in all. They care with the balance of gentle nudges and tough love. They inspire many to dream and scale thresholds.


We celebrate our teachers with how they lead, care and inspire each other and all of us. In this season and month of us celebrating teachers, let us remember that those who care need care too. Let us remember those who have cared for us and those who continue to care for us. Let us reach out to them to let them know how they have made a difference in our lives. Let us also take pride in our work and for who we are, for teaching is a calling and a mission that only those with the strength, character, as well as heart and soul can truly live up to. 





Happy Teachers’ Day to all our special educators who continue to lead, care and inspire us all.


Best regards,

Pang Choon How

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