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“Baller Baller Baller!” – HCI’s Valiant Basketball Teams

Written by: Li Jiahan (22A14)

Photographs provided by: Mindy Peck (21S75)

“One two three, We are—”

“Hwa Chong!”

As the cheers filled the College Indoor Sports Hall, a team of energetic and vigorous basketball players covered with beads of sweat performed beautiful tricks on the court. This was a scene from our school’s basketball team (HCBB) preparing for this year’s National School Games (NSG). Grateful for the opportunity to compete in the NSG after two years of the pandemic, the team was eager to win the games after the hours spent on training and the vociferous support received from the Hwa Chong family.

Being in a sports CCA is definitely not an easy task, since the HCBB team usually has two training days during weekdays, with one gym day and one training day during weekends. Each training session usually lasts three hours, while gym days go for an hour. Moreover, the team has running programmes ranging from 3.2km to 60m slope runs after every training session. Despite acknowledging that the training programs are “demanding and intensive”, the Vice Captain of HCBB(B) Bryan Wu (21S60) believed that their “hard work [would] come to fruition” once they started NSG.

In fact, their efforts paid off as the girls' team won the National Championship at the A-Division Girls’ competition and the boys' team achieved second place at the A-Division Boys’. With excellent defensive ability, a calm mindset, as well as the skill to shoot threes and free throws at critical moments, the team secured its creditable achievements in the NSG, while bringing glory back to Hwa Chong.

Moht Moht Myint Kyaw (21S72), the Vice Captain of the Girls' team said, “especially after being out of the competition scene due to Covid-19 since 2020, we are very excited to be able to compete again! […] We have been training very hard and we can’t wait to showcase the skills that we have acquired after these two years!”

Moreover, the Teachers-in-Charge and coach also share in the glory as the players do, for their dedicated support to the team. Bryan would like to express their gratitude to their teachers, Mr Tan Yee Weal, Ms Jasmine, and Ms Chan Hui Chieh. “We are fortunate to have such dedicated and knowledgeable teachers to be in charge of our CCA. They have put in as much effort as any of us from helping us improve our diets and coping with sports injuries.” In his tribute to Coach Neo, “we are extremely honoured to play under your guidance with your unparalleled expertise and knowledge. From learning how to operate Kahoot during e-CCA, to coming 45 minutes early to help us record our run timings, we are grateful that we have such a dedicated and exemplary coach.”

We wish the basketballers further success in their competitions!

The Boys' Basketball Team

The Girls' Basketball Team

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