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Being Steadfast in the Pursuit of Excellence: Founders' Day Prize-Giving Ceremony 2023

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Written by: Mr Yong Guan Jie

Photos by: Hwa Chong Mediatech

Our Founders’ Day Prize-Giving Ceremony was held on Mon, 3 April 2023. This was the occasion when we celebrated the achievements of our students and alumni. Gracing the event as our Guest-of-Honour is Mr Tan Wei Shyong, Chairman of our Board of Governors.

Our Principal, Mr Pang, delivered his opening address by describing the ever-changing landscape of our VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world. In face of new conflicts or challenges, they are great opportunities for all of us to develop values and improve. This situation is not unlike what our Founders encountered, as they had to toil through uncertain times to get to where we are standing today. The one constant which helped them overcome challenges throughout our history - values. Values form the backbone of our morals, and as we come together to celebrate the merits of our students, we can also appreciate and take inspiration from those who came before us by reflecting upon and embodying the values of Hwa Chong.

Opening address by Mr Pang

Two distinguished alumni were invited to share their stories with us, especially about what they have learnt from their experiences as students in Hwa Chong. Dr Dennis Chia, shared with us his personal stories, while he was a student during the SARS crisis, and how the values of tenacity and determination have helped him to overcome the trying times of COVID in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Sengkang General Hospital. Mr Ang Aik Heng, co-founder of Vitamin M, reiterated the importance of our bilingual tradition. Bilingualism gives us a different lens to look through, as it requires the understanding of different cultures and contexts. It is vital to remaining adaptable and relevant in our world.

Mr Pang, Dr Dennis Chia, Mr Tan Wei Shyong and Mr Ang Aik Heng

Mr Tan Wei Shyong, Our Guest-of-Honour, presenting an award to a deserving student

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Cayden Chik Yong Jun, the valedictorian, spoke about his time as a High School student and looked back fondly on the memories he made.

Our Valedictorian, Cayden Chik's Speech

Lastly, we would like to congratulate all our award winners today, and urge them to keep the Hwa Chong spirit burning within their hearts. The values of tenacity (自强不息), win-win (己立立人,己达达人) stand relevant in the context of our ever-changing world, and we must strive to embody them, in order to remain steadfast in the pursuit of excellence.

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