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Celebrating 40 Years of Huang Cheng

Written by: Alina Tan Xuan Yun (21A14), See Suen Ning (21S66)

Photos by: Shen Wen’na (21S79)

Huang Cheng Annual Grand Production 2021 (承)

Commemorating Huang Cheng’s 40th anniversary, 2021’s musical drama production, 承 (Inheritance and Continuity), paid tribute to the CCA’s founding batches by taking the audience on a thrilling journey of its history.

The production comprised four acts, each delivering a polished recreation of an iconic scene in past productions and jointly weaved into a cohesive storyline. Unconventionally, it breathed life into these indelible memories by shedding light on the genuine struggles faced by previous batches of Huang Cheng seniors while creating previous productions.

Due to the pandemic, the production had to be livestreamed, rendering the theatre empty with the exception of a few distinguished guests. Shen Wen’na (21S79), an actress in the production, remarked that “It was always good to feel the energy of the crowd. With a limited audience this year, the performing experience was starkly different.”

Strict Safe Management Measures (SMMs) also posed a unique set of challenges as actors had to keep a two-metre distance from each other and were not allowed to have any physical contact. “Though the audience did not really take notice of the distance, but as actors, our characters felt quite distant from one another,” recounts Wang Yiqing (21S66), an actor in the production.

Yet, these obstacles were triumphed over by the immense amount of passion and dedication each actor held for the production. They also received prompt support from the other departments. Though they were involved in backstage work, each member certainly held an irreplaceable role in the production. From the lights and sounds to costumes and to the set design and props, each department complemented one another to form crucial pillars of the performance.

In fact, one of the most unforgettable memories that the production left the audience with was a scene when water cascaded from the ceiling to mimic an actual rainfall. This was made possible by the props department, which, despite being initially dumbfounded by the task, was eventually able to pull it off. The added dimensions of depth and realism created a scene filled with riveting emotions and tensions that sent chills down the spines of many audience members.

As the curtains drew to a close, emotions of relief and satisfaction from the production members filled the theatre. Audience members were certainly left mesmerized and could now only eagerly await the opportunity to return to the theatre and view the performance in its full glory.

Despite the initial doubts and obstacles faced by the production team, it is safe to say that the culmination of their grit and determination made the production nothing less than a roaring success!

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