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Expanding the Love for Media Arts: Hwa Chong Studio Symposium 2022 by Studio Ardent

Written by: Ren Yingqi (22S6J)

Photo: Courtesy of Hwa Chong Studio Ardent

Studio Ardent and the HCSS Participants

The Hwa Chong Studio Symposium, an inter-school conference organized and hosted by Studio Ardent from Hwa Chong Institution (College section), aimed to bring youths with similar interests in media arts together through a two-day online event from the 16th to 17th of March 2022.

This symposium brought together participants from 9 media CCAs in 7 Junior Colleges all over Singapore. In addition to engage in exciting bonding games, participants were also given opportunities to showcase their respective CCAs’ accomplishments and unique CCA activities, including event photography, and inter-school photography competitions. These activities helped to effectively foster meaningful connections between students through the broadening of their understanding regarding different media-related events, as well as sharing sessions on media CCAs of other schools.

Unlike 2021, HCSS 2022 offered every participant a chance to present their projects featuring their skill sets in video editing and photography. Selected works were then sorted into three different categories: most creative, most aesthetic, and most inspiring. From them, projects that managed to garner the most votes online stood a chance to win attractive prizes. Projects which managed to clinch prizes in the above categories include “A Bugis Adventure” by Lim Xi Cheron from Nanyang Junior College, “SBS 2077” by Shayden Wong Rui Kai from Anglo-Chinese Junior College, and “HCGAH Teaser” by Troy Tan from Anglo-Chinese Junior College respectively.

Moreover, three external speakers, Mr. Kelvin Sng, Mr. Benjamin Ong, and Mr. Jayaprakash Bojan were also invited to offer valuable insights concerning their experiences working in the media industry. For instance, Mr. Jayaprakash Bojan, an award-winning wildlife photographer, shared about how a distinctively personal style of expression is especially important in the creation of media.

In response to these speakers’ sharing sessions, Chan Jing Yuan, the president of New Media Club in Millennia Institute said, “There were many things that I didn’t know before, so that refreshed my knowledge about the media and film industries, further fuelling my interests in the field!” These speakers’ stories had not only offered great advice but also inspired students to pursue their unique style of expression through different aspects of media, in addition to igniting their interests in career prospects within the film and media industry.

2022 marked the second year that Hwa Chong Studio Ardent has organized the HCSS. Despite facing various challenges while settling the logistics of this symposium due to safe management measures, the symposium was carried out smoothly. The organization of HCSS 2022 was an extremely rewarding and refreshing journey to be part of. Ler Min Yi Kimberly (21S67), one of the team members, reflected: “My team and I put in our effort, time, and hard work and I was very proud of what we had done.” This symposium not only helped to forge meaningful connections between its participants but also served as an enriching and eye-opening experience.

Again, well done to Hwa Chong Studio Ardent for an exemplary Hwa Chong Studio Symposium 2022!

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