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Founders’ Day Food Drive 2022

Written by:

Yan Li 4P2 (Chairman, VIA Council)

Tan Hai Yang 4O2 (General Secretary, VIA Council)

Presenting the Food Packs to the Pertapis Children's Home

Ever since our school’s initial days in 1919, Hwa Chong and its students have been actively striving to contribute to the community around us, through emulating the very values we were instilled into by our founder Mr Tan Kah Kee. Mr. Tan was a successful entrepreneur, who rose from humble beginnings and has always been a great source of inspiration for the Hwa Chong community. He is a man whose legacy stretched far beyond his lifetime and inspires us to collaborate with and for the community.

Diligently Filling Up the Food Packs

2022, March 21 marked Hwa Chong’s 103rd Founder’s Day - a day of celebration and remembrance, serving as a reminder of who we are as Hwa Chongians and how a pandemic cannot be an obstacle in our goal to give back to the community. Our Food Drive continues to be centred around our established partnership with the CDAC (across 8 centres) and Pertapis Children's Home, with the Singapore Red Cross as an additional beneficiary this year. 600 food packs were gathered and distributed on Founders' Day itself.

Sorting Out the Distribution

Making Our Deliveries

In addition to the annual Food Drive, we were grateful to collaborate with Tong Seng Produce Pte Ltd this year to further benefit the community with the 'Crane for Rice' pledge. This project saw the Hwa Chong family fold 32,100 cranes to mark this event (1 Crane = 100g = a bowl of rice). Tong Seng will donate 3210kg (significance of March 21st being our Founders' Day) of Song He rice to the Toa Payoh Care Corner, Pertapis families and 2 foreign worker dormitories.

These two pandemic-stricken years have been turbulent and unprecedented. We hope that our continued efforts this year will empower those around us, lending our strength to those in need.


Paper Cranes

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