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Go, Fight, Win: NSG Track and Field Finals 2023

Written by: Yang Jiayu (23A10) and Wayne Tan Qi En (23S66)

Photos by: Studio Ardent

Cheering for the Hwa Chong Team

Go, Fight, Win!

The starting signal blasted throughout the stadium, and Hwa Chong roared to life as our A-Division girls sprinted across the 400m distance, eventually attaining gold for the A-Division Girls’ 4x100m relay. Hours into the event, even though our hearts were pumping with adrenaline and our hands were sore from clapping, we were elated to witness the victory of our A-Division Girls, who had already clinched the gold medal for the 100m individual event at the start of the finals.

The College Section girls made us very proud that day, emerging as overall champions of the A-Division Girls’ division. The boys also achieved commendable results: the A-, B- and C-Division Boys placed overall 2nd, 3rd and 2nd respectively.

When asked about the athletes’ training leading to the finals, Isaac Chern (23S74) revealed that the intensity actually decreased as they were nearing the NSG period as their coaches wanted them to rest more. “But before that, in January and February, training was tough!” According to him, the College team had to come to school at 8am on a Saturday morning for training.

Despite the gruelling training sessions that took place four times per week, Isaac was far from satisfied with this year’s results, in comparison to past years. “This year, my main reflection for the entire team, for myself and for the school is that: Hwa Chong cannot be overconfident. We cannot be complacent. We cannot take it for granted that we’ll always win. So, hopefully that can lead us to more victories next year.”

Standing up for the cheer "North, South, East, West"

Councillors hyping up the crowd to cheer for HCI

Led by the Student Councillors, more than 2,000 students from Secondary 1 to College 1 went down to support the Track and Field team in their finals at the National Stadium.

“You could really see the Hwa Chong fighting spirit shine through today.” Cheering for Hwa Chong for the first time in such a large-scale event, Ting Jia (23A14), a Student Councillor, was impressed by the enthusiasm of the students, even going as far as summarising her experience with the word “spirit”.

To conclude his NSG season, Isaac thanked the school for its overwhelming support: “I’ll end off by saying how grateful I am for all the support we received during NSG and during the finals from my classmates, my teammates and my school.”

Just like our school banner prominently displayed on the day of the finals, Hwa Chong has truly demonstrated the spirit of “Go, Fight, Win!” From the Track and Field team going for training four days a week despite the hardship, to our High School and College C1s showing their fighting spirit with their passionate cheers, everyone was united by the desire to win glory for the school.

Congratulations to the Track & Field Team, and may we achieve even better results in the following year!

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