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Here Now, Hear Now: RioHC’s Triumphant Return to the Stage

Written by: Widyayuki Triyono (22S6D)

Photographs by: Widyayuki Triyono (22S6D)

Here Now, Hear Now poster from @riohc on Instagram

After the long-awaited easing of safe management measures, choristers and concert enthusiasts alike celebrated the return of choral performances in 2022. In Hwa Chong, rioHC returned with a school-based concert performed in the Jing Xian Library.

“Here Now, Hear Now” was a student-led concert held on 4 and 11 May 2022. The pieces performed include the Indonesian and Filipino folk songs “Soleram” and “Dahil Sa Iyo”. Leading up to the concert, our choristers practiced tirelessly to deliver a breathtaking performance. For performer Easton Sim (22S6F), hearing the entire choir rehearsing their repertoire was the most memorable part of concert preparation, as he feels that “the songs are really best heard with the full power of the choir in its entirety.”

For those performing after a significant break, it was a daunting experience. “As it was my first time performing, I was a little nervous and afraid that I might not perform well but with the company and encouragement from my peers, it gave me a confidence boost,” Shi Xu (22S6B) recounts. “I felt the passion and bond that the choir had. It was very fulfilling to see that the audience enjoying the songs. Being able to perform in front of a large group also helped to build my confidence.”

Besides getting used to performing again after a long break, much had been done behind the scenes to plan and promote the concert, with the C1s being split into four main groups: write-ups, aural docents, publicity, and programme booklet designing. “The publicity team had to promote the concert and conduct ticketing, which involved creating posts and trailers and posting them on Instagram. We also had to work with the design team for the logo. The planning process was pretty rigorous, given the short timeline but everyone worked hard and we were able to pull through,” said Shi Xu.

Overall, we applaud rioHC for its efforts in delivering “Here Now, Hear Now” despite the unfamiliarity faced after the re-introduction of live performances. Finally, a word from rioHC’s vice-president Easton — “I really have to thank everyone for the amount of effort they put into the planning of the concert (especially the programme booklet team who came up with many designs for the logo and my write-ups team for being so efficient) as well as the amount of energy invested into revising the songs and doing well during the concert! Collectively as a batch, we really can and must work hard and prepare well for future concerts to come!”

The C1 Choristers' Performance

The C2 Choristers' Performance

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