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Hwa Chong Dazzles with Best-Ever Showing at the 2023 Anatomy Challenge

Written by: HCI

From left: Associate Professor Wong Teck Yee (Assistant Dean of Year 4 LKC Medicine, Clinical Lead for Foundations of Clinical Practice) , Clinical Associate Professor Siow Jin Keat (Senior Consultant, Tan Tock Seng Hospital), Cheong Jay Keat (22S7B), Lee Wei Cheng Clarence (23S7D), Kong Yu Heng Asher (22S7F), Clement Gwee You Qi (22S7B), Cherie Ong Ying Tong (22S7B), Mrs Foo-Lam Woon Keat (Director /Studies (College)), Mdm Kng Yin Ling Irene (Lecturer/ Biology)

Almost 400 students from 28 junior colleges and polytechnics participated in the 2023 Anatomy Challenge, an annual competition organised by the NTU Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine.

We congratulate our students, all 15 of whom attained distinctions as part of the top 10% of scorers in the individual quiz round. They have surpassed the performance of their seniors and obtained the best results since 2017!

Here are some notable achievements:

1. Overall top student - Asher Kong Yu Heng 22S7F

2. Top student (2nd place) - Kuan Ming Jie 22S7F

3. Top student (3rd Place) - Cheong Jay Keat 22S7B

In the Team Challenge, one Hwa Chong team emerged as overall champions, winning the coveted Anatomy Challenge Championship Trophy and the Professor Low Cheng Hock Challenge Shield. The team members are Cherie Ong Ying Tong (team leader) 22S7B, Asher Kong Yu Heng 22S7F, Cheong Jay Keat 22S7B, Clement Gwee You Qi 22S7B and Lee Wei Cheng Clarence 23S7D.

The team would like to thank their teachers-in-charge, Mdm Irene Kng (Lecturer/ Biology) and Mrs Foo-Lam Woon Keat (Director/ Studies (College)), for their guidance and support.

These are some thoughts from the participants:

Cherie – The team leader: While learning about the human body is indeed fascinating beyond words, the Anatomy Challenge was far from just about having the brains and content knowledge. Its beauty rises from the shared passion that brings all of our hearts together — to communicate, connect and contribute to spearheading the unprecedented.

I believe that this fun and dreamlike journey of support, teamwork and love was and will continue to be an inspiration for us to grow and challenge our limits. I am grateful and honoured to have had the valuable opportunity to represent Hwa Chong in the Anatomy Challenge in both years of my junior college life, as well as to have been entrusted to lead our team this year. On behalf of the entire team, I would like to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation towards our friends, family, seniors, teachers and everyone working behind the scenes for their unwavering support that has made such a feat possible.

Asher – Individual 1st prize winner: Anatomy Challenge is a great platform for us to expand our horizons and acquire knowledge beyond the normal syllabus in school. While the team this year achieved great results with 100% distinctions, I definitely do believe what we truly gained from the competition is the knowledge that will never be taken away from us. More importantly, I am happy that I got to meet so many like-minded individuals and work together with them. I would like to express my gratitude to the school, teachers, trainers and also my peers for constantly supporting us throughout the challenge.

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