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National Day 2023: Onward as One

Written by:

Chen Yufan (23S62)

Jason Lai (23S60)

Liu Zhixin (23S67)

This year, Hwa Chong held its annual National Day celebrations on 8 August 2023. The College festivities were planned by the Students’ National Education Council. The campus came alive through a variety of performances, laughter and fun from the carnival booth activities, and a strong sense of unity, as we celebrated our country's rich history. This year's celebration was nothing short of spectacular, which embraced the spirit that pushed Singapore to move onward as one.

Performance by HCI's Music and Dance Society (MAD)

The day kicked off with a majestic parade at the terraces by the various High School uniformed groups. This was followed by a split run of events for JC1 and JC2 students – one cohort went for class activities, while the other attended the carnival and concert.

The Annual Parade

The class activities enlightened many – students engaged in a fruitful debate over whether having a sense of belonging to Singapore was still relevant to our country, and bonded with one another over past renditions of National Day songs.

On the carnival and concert side, students were presented with a multitude of engaging activities. They enjoyed local foodstuff like “Muah Chee” and popcorn served by external vendors, and participated in various activities and watched invigorating performances put up by the performers.

Students queueing for cotton candy

The traditional eraser flipping game

In the final sing- and dance-along segment conducted by the Students’ Council, the spirit of camaraderie was palpable, where students and staff, all donned in red and white sang and danced to our National Day songs, together as one.

Student Councillors leading the sing- and dance-along session

The National Day celebrations were a timely reminder that our strengths lie as one nation. Only when different stakeholders come together and hold on firmly to our national identity, can we move onward as one.

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