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Odyssey - Sec One Orientation 2024

Updated: May 6

Written by: Mr Dexter Ang

“I hope that all of you will take part in SOO’24 with enthusiasm, cheering your hearts out as #onehwachong. Remember that your seniors and buddies will always be there to support you every step of the way. I wish you all the best in the journey ahead and look forward to seeing all of you in school!”


Shane Lee Zi Hao, Organising Secretary, Secondary One Orientation 2024


From 2 Jan 2024 - 4 Jan 2024, Hwa Chong Institution welcomed its newest members to the Hwa Chong family during the Secondary One Orientation 2024. The theme, "Odyssey," set the tone for an extraordinary journey filled with excitement, discovery, and the forging of lifelong connections.

The orientation proved to be a ‘celestial’ experience full of engaging activities and interactive exhibits. From cheer lessons to team-building games, the event ignited the passion for knowledge and creativity among the incoming Sec 1s.

As part of the orientation, a grand march-in ceremony was organized, introducing the Sec 1s to High School students and teachers. This symbolic gesture emphasized the seamless integration of the freshmen into the larger Hwa Chong community, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

As the Secondary One Orientation 2024 concluded, the campus radiated with energy and enthusiasm from the newly inducted Sec 1s.

Elijah Liew, 1P2/2024, fondly recalls an incident which occurred during his first few days as a member of the Hwa Chong family - he had wandered into an unfamiliar area of the campus and unfortunately got himself lost. He recalls how fellow students did not hesitate to assist him, immediately guiding him to his destination. This showed him how a Hwa Chong gentleman should act. On this incident, he reflects that “I feel part of a family - part of something to be proud of”.

The 2024 Secondary One Orientation holds true to its theme of "Odyssey"; not only welcoming freshmen to Hwa Chong, but also setting the stage for a transformative journey, where each step would contribute to the holistic development of new students. As these young minds embark on their academic odyssey, the Hwa Chong community eagerly anticipates the brilliance and success that they will undoubtedly bring to the school.

We wish the Sec 1s all the best in their journey ahead!

Cherished memories made at Odyssey 2024!

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