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Orientation 2022 – On Your Marks, the Dawn of the Race

Written by: Lim Yu Shu (21S74)

Photos by: Studio Ardent

The Apollo Faculty's Performance at POP

“On your marks, get set, go!” This year’s C1 Orientation kicked off on a high note. Much akin to the beginning of a race, it took place with anticipation, exhilaration and enthusiasm. According to Jacob Tseng (21A15), the councillor-in-charge of Orientation 2022, “On Your Marks” symbolises how Orientation serves as the start of the JC race, or a period of time when students settle in and acclimatise to their new surroundings before the hectic JC life fully begins.

Despite the ever-changing Covid-19 guidelines, the planning committee managed to pull off Orientation successfully, filling the precious two weeks with a myriad of exhilarating and meaningful activities for the C1s. For instance, War Games were held to facilitate friendly competition among the Faculties. Additionally, the Amazing Race was introduced on the third day of Orientation. During this event, C1 students understood more about the Extended Councils through various activities such as the Escape Room by SNEC (Singapore National Education Council), a Mystery Hunt by GC (Green Council) and a Sign Language and Paper Crane Folding Course by CIPC (Community Involvement Programme Council). Furthermore, the Time Capsule activity was a new addition to Orientation as a sentimental memento for the J1s to revisit next year. Letters, photos and artefacts were stored in the capsule to help them preserve memories from Orientation and reflect on their growth in due time.

The planning committee put a refreshing spin on the Faculties’ showdown, which was a long-standing tradition of the Post Orientation Party (POP). The new format required two classes to represent each Faculty, preserving the competitiveness of POP, while ensuring the safety of the masses. “(The) POP dance was particularly memorable for me because when learning the dance, I witnessed the power of music to unite diverse, unacquainted people together,” said Natthanich Mekadenaumporn (22A15). Orientation provided a welcoming and conducive environment for the juniors.

Rehearsing the Fac Dance Moves

Orientation would not have been possible without the meticulous planning and work from the Students’ Council, the Extended Councils and various teachers-in-charge, and the Faculty Committees. When asked about the overall execution of orientation 2022, Jacob said, “There was a good balance between games, sodache sessions and free time for bonding, (and) the OGLs and CGLs did a great job in keeping the energy levels within the groups high, making the experience more enjoyable and fulfilling for all parties involved,” Jacob expressed. Challenges such as the need to oversee a multitude of events as well as set up production chains to prepare orientation materials for over 1,000 C1s seemed insurmountable and overwhelming, but the cooperation of groups involved overcame it.

Last but not least, as Orientation drew to a close and the C1s started their official two-year sprint, Jacob has some advice for the juniors,” Treasure the time you have with your friends! It will make the sprint much more meaningful”.

Bonding through a Ballgame

Athleticism in Display at Badminton

A Friendly Game of Tug-of-War

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