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Our Teachers, Our Stars: Honouring Our Beloved Hwa Chong Teachers

Written by: Zavier Ng Chen Fong (22S63)

Photos by: Studio Ardent

Written tributes to the teachers

1 September 2022 was our Teachers’ Day celebrations in Hwa Chong. Meticulously planned by the 49th Students’ Council, the theme for this year was “Our Teachers, Our Stars”, aimed at honouring the various contributions and hard work of our teachers. This year was especially memorable, as it marked the first year when physical celebrations could be held. The day started off with a schoolwide concert held in the Hall.

Our dancers in action

Firstly, the teachers from their respective departments were welcomed with loud and rapturous applause from the students. As the teachers took their seats, everyone enjoyed the spectacular performances put up by the different CCAs. Some of them included Taekwondo, MAD, as well as Symphonic Band. However, the performance highlights were undoubtedly those put up by some of our very own teachers, who stunned the crowd with an energetic dance number and the performance of an original song. Even our principal, Mr Pang Choon How, and the Deputy Principals, took to the stage to sing for the teachers.

This was followed by a prize presentation, where the achievements of many teachers were celebrated and recognised by the school. Mr Pang was invited on stage to present the awards to the various recipients. The awards presented included "The Most Caring Teacher Award", and "Outstanding Research Mentor".

The concert ended with the presentation of the informal awards, which was voted on by the students beforehand. As the audience waited with anticipation, the “Best Dressed Teacher” awards were presented to Mrs Tay-Chen Sue Ann (Lecturer/Chemistry), and Mr Tan Koon Ho Andrew (Lecturer/Economics) respectively. The resounding applause that followed the announcement of their names strongly demonstrated the pride and love that the students have for their teachers.

Bonding over Jenga

Lastly, the classes hurried to their respective venues to set up their class booths, which they have been planning diligently for the past month. This was a bonding activity for classes in planning and organising a variety of games dedicated to their teachers in letting them have some fun with their students. The teachers were enthusiastically welcomed to the different booths hosted by the classes they teach, where they challenged themselves in games like Cup Pong or Jenga.

With that, the Teachers' Day celebrations at the College came to a close. This year was particularly exciting, as a large-scale event could finally be held after two years of Covid restrictions. It was certainly invigorating to gather together as a school to commemorate this momentous occasion. The event perfectly captured the spirit of Teacher's Day, which not only celebrated the teachers’ contributions, but also let them bond meaningfully with their students.

Over at the High School, the students showed their appreciation for their teachers by organizing a memorable concert featuring varied performances from students and staff. Even our principal, Mr Pang, joined in the fun by lending his vocals to a song. To see everyone back in the Hall during this tumultuous Covid period was a heartwarming sight!

A polished musical performance

Our High School boys performing in unison

A skit to enliven the atmosphere

Our Principal Mr Pang joining in the festivities

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