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Paying Tribute to Our HCI Educators: Teachers' Day 2023

Written by: Tay Jil-Lene (23S6T)

On 31 August 2023, both students and staff convened in the High School and College hall to partake in the celebration of our teachers. At the College, the audience enjoyed a concert that was meticulously organized by the Students’ Council. With heartfelt sincerity, the students also presented personally crafted boards and cards to express their appreciation for the teachers.

Over at the High School, the students celebrated Teachers' Day with a class party as well. A big thank you to our Board of Directors (BOD) and Board of Governors (BOG) for their generosity in organizing a delicious Teachers' Day lunch at Chui Huay Lim Club; the High School and College Parent Support Group’s for the celebrations and treats; and the Hwa Chong Alumni Association and the HCJC Alumni for their thoughtful gifts.

Reflecting on the significance of Teachers' Day, Yang Jiayu (23A10) conveyed, “I want to thank all my teachers for investing so much time and effort into teaching us, having consultations with us and being our role models and life mentors outside of their role as a teacher!”

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