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Reconnecting, Reimagining: Looking Ahead to a Better World - ISYF 2023

Written by: Isaac Yeap Sheng Rong (22S7F)

Photographs by: ISYF 2023 Student Organizing Team

The 15th ISYF gathered at the terraces for morning assembly

The 15th edition of the International Science Youth Forum (ISYF) resumed its physical format after being held online for the past two years in view of the Covid-19 restrictions. This year’s edition featured the theme "Reconnecting, Reimagining: Looking Ahead to a Better World". ISYF 2023 endeavoured to inspire delegates to use Science and Technology to lead the change into the future by reconnecting, reimagining, and looking ahead, to create a better world marked by common goals, shared knowledge and global solidarity.

ISYF continues to be an internationally sought-after event, attracting both educators and students alike who are passionate about the Sciences. The overarching aim of ISYF was to create a high-profile platform for outstanding Science students and educators from around the world to network with their counterparts and build capacities. Delegates were able to build firm friendships as they interacted and participated in activities designed to promote mutual cooperation, as well as develop their understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures. For instance, the Cultural Exhibition and Cultural Hour enabled the participants to showcase their cultures through games and performances. Furthermore, ISYF also allowed scientists and educators to engage in professional networking and sharing. The development of close ties will in turn enhance global collaboration among various organisations.

To inspire passion for Science amongst youths, ISYF provided high-ability students with ample opportunities to be innovative and creative. Additionally, students were equipped with a global mindset in their pursuit of scientific knowledge. Participants discussed their research with fellow students from different countries at the Science Research Poster Exhibition and took part in hands-on activities such as the Team Project Challenge, during the forum. The Team Project Challenge required participants to work together to build a Rube Goldberg machine, which employed the application of scientific concepts and creativity.

Participants also had rare intellectual dialogue and engagement with Nobel Laureates and eminent scientists, reinforcing amongst the youth the importance of broad-based knowledge, keen curiosity, deep passion, relentless tenacity and a global perspective in the pursuit of scientific excellence.

Through interaction with the Nobel Laureates and eminent scientists, as well as with their peers from various parts of the world, it is without a doubt that ISYF has greatly benefitted students and educators alike.

The panel of Nobel Laureates engaging in discussion

ISYF participants with their Rube Goldberg machine

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