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Student Leaders' Convention 2023

Written by: HCI

On 29 May 2023, the 28th Student Leaders’ Convention held its Opening Ceremony. This momentous occasion was graced by Rear Admiral (RADM) Aaron Beng, Chief of Defence Force, and was attended by over 350 participants. RADM Beng spoke on the importance of Adaptive and Situational Leadership in these volatile times, thus reinforcing the importance of flexibility and creativity to the audience.

RADM Beng’s symbolic strike of the ceremonial gong marked the resumption of the annual Student Leaders’ Convention at Hwa Chong Institution, which could finally be held physically after a three-year hiatus due to COVID-19. Through the various activities to facilitate Student Leaders having a deeper appreciation of pertinent social issues around the globe, the Convention served as a catalyst to inspire delegates to act upon the solutions they discussed. This would hopefully spark positive change back in their home nations. It is for this very reason that delegates from 34 different schools and 12 different countries and regions around the globe congregated during 29-31 May at Hwa Chong, all in an effort to improve themselves and those around them.

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