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The Fighters of Our Hwa Chong Water Polo Team

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Written by: Tan Xuanmin (21S78)

Photos by: (Pictures 1 & 2) Pacer Water Polo Academy, (Picture 3) Ms Lim Ai Hua

Special Thanks to: Ang Ping Chien, Jarrel (21S68), Captain of A-Division Water Polo Boys

Our A-Division Water Polo Boys Giving Their All in the NSG Competition

On the opposite side of Hwa Chong Institution (College), is the school’s Swimming Complex. On weekday afternoons and even Saturday mornings, without a doubt, our Water Polo Team will be there. This committed team trains tirelessly, whilst never forgoing the importance of building strong friendships that last beyond their College days.

“Usually, […] players would practise passing or certain defensive and offensive techniques,” Ang Ping Chien, Jarrel, Captain of A-Division Boys Water Polo Team (21S68) explained in detail what a typical training session would look like. “As for the goalkeepers, we usually work on our goalkeeping skills such as jumping and positioning.”

The Water Polo Team’s CCA sessions is carefully crafted to ensure that every player has the time to practise the skill set required for the role that each of them plays in official games. Each player is also exposed to a multitude of playing techniques, stretching every individuals’ capacity. Not only that, “[…] players would work on their shooting by practising against the keepers, allowing the keepers to work on goalkeeping too.” (Jarrel Ang) By relying on each other to sharpen their individual skills, they foster a strong peer support system.

Other than creating lasting friendships between team mates, the Water Polo Team also keeps close contact with their alumni. “On Saturdays, we host alumni matches where our team would play against our alumni to help prepare for NSG.” This serves as a wonderful opportunity for our Water Polo Team to know their seniors who can share first-hand experiences and useful advice. Certainly, this culture is special and worth preserving for a long time!

Jarrel even shared that his fondest memory in the Water Polo Team was “(the) official last day for our seniors in our CCA. […] I was really sad that […] we had to say goodbye […] At the same time, I was extremely honoured to have been able to meet them back when I was in sec 1. That moment also made me realise that I had to cherish the remaining one year that I had left in this team and this CCA.”

In the National School Games 2022 that took place in April, our Water Polo Team made our school proud, successfully overcoming their strong competitors and emerged as National Champions!

“I was very happy after the final whistle was blown as our team played really well as a whole […] we were able to perform well against a strong opponent. […] We gave it our all and I believe that our hard work and effort was put on display,” Jarrel said. The dedication and whole-hearted support of their teacher-in-charge, Ms Lim Ai Hua, who would cheer for them on the sidelines to keep the team’s momentum high, played a pivotal role in making this possible.

Our A-Division Water Polo Boys and Their Teacher-in-Charge Ms Lim Ai Hua Cheering

Looking ahead, it was almost time for the C2 batch to step down. An emotional moment, just as Jarrel felt when his seniors headed off for their A-Level preparation. I am sure that as the baton was passed on to the C1 Water Polo players, the team will continue to embody our school value “自强不息”, with the grit and determination to strive and carry on the proud legacy of the generations that came before, paving the way for future generations of the Hwa Chong Water Polo Team.

Our A-Division Water Polo Boys’ Team

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